What's Your Super Power Coaching Call with LisaBL

Maybe you’ve been listening to the podcast for a while and you’ve been wondering “Hey, what’s MY Super Power?” Or maybe you’re just at a point in your life where a deep conversation could clarify your next direction or get you re-inspired.

That’s what this call is for. I haven’t coached individuals for many years because I just haven’t had time but doing the show I’m realizing that I’d love to have more interaction with my listeners and this is the perfect way to be of service. So, I’ve carved out some time in my schedule so together we can find YOUR Super Power.

The best way is in my Zoom room. You’ll get a link after you sign up for a time.

Session are for one hour and I can’t wait to serve you in this way.

Once you’ve book your session you’ll be reminded to send me $98 by paypal to lisa@lisabl.com and if you don’t have paypal email me there for another option.